Vodafone Ziggo Test Dashboard App

Designing an app for realtime monitoring quality at Vodafone Ziggo


Vodafone Ziggo (VZ) uses HP ALM to log and monitor all tests of their digital development programs. The tool is crucial to Vodafone worldwide, but does not offer a convenient realtime way to monitor progress without configuring dashboards. Together with experts at VZ I designed an app that serves the purpose of providing realtime insights in all testing that is going on at VZ. The app generates dashboards that are specifically designed to provide decision-making insights for management boards.


Provide management at Vodafone Ziggo with an app for Android and iOS that combines an abundance of testing data into readily usable realtime dashboards for management decision making.

Requirement Analysis

Given the assignment of designing an app that gives useful realtime information about testing progress, I sat down with employees of the Vodafone Ziggo test force to discuss wishes and demands for the application.

In the past, I used to test at Vodafone and in another client assignment I gained a lot of experience with the registration tool HP ALM (Application Lifecycle Management). With this advantage I could easily translate the wishes of the client to feasible requirements for this new app.

In my first summary of functionalities and requirements we established a description for a minimum viable product and some extra’s that were negotiable. To communicate the concept and use flows of the app, I built some clickable wireframes.

Wireframes + Prototypes

The basic wireframe prototype I designed, was a great way to get the discussion fired. From the looks of it, my interpretation of their information needs was correct and we could continue to a visual design for the app.

Together with our developers at Ignation I explored the possibilities for data visualisation. After a brief session of research in competitive applications and an inspiration hunt for pretty graphs and charts, I started designing a few variations.

In these variations I explored ways of combining data in a clear, informative manner. Meanwhile I studied the Vodafone Ziggo brandbook and applied the styleguides where possible to match the visual style of the client.

Perfecting Interactions

In cooperation with a few peer designers and the lead developer at Ignation I decided upon the final design for the graphs. The focus of the design is on clean data, straightforward insights at a glance.

When designing the interaction and clickpaths I took into consideration the relation between datapoints. These flows are designed to be logical to both experienced HP ALM users and novice users that just want quick, effective information.

Together with the end user we determined which filters and what order of presenting information would be most efficient and logical. With some tweaking and a few small iterations, we built the app within time and budget.

Currently our app is being rolled out among management throughout the entire Vodafone group on a global level.

wireframe flow
screen design
app screens