Sony KLM Concepting

Developing concepts for KLM using Sony's latest technology:
the Xperia Touch


Sony has developed a unique Android device that beams a multi-touch screen onto any surface. It is equipped with a camera, NFC sensor, speakers, a battery and much more. The Sony Xperia Touch is an allround device with much potential. To pitch their product to different industries, I developed several concepts. One of the most important concepts is an interactive dashboard for the KLM Crown Lounge. We performed a quick target user survey, interviews and created interactive prototypes that Sony now uses internationally to pitch the potential of their device.


Provide Sony with good looking, interactive means to pitch the lengths to which the Sony Xperia Touch can enrich their potential clients’ business. This consists of concept description, UI design, UX design and facilitate storytelling.

Concepting for Business

Sony demonstrated their device to me and my colleagues. We were left to play around with the technology and explore potential markets they could serve. During a short concepting phase we came up with different applications of the Xperia Touch. The biggest challenge was finding value over existing technology such as tablets and touchscreens.

One of our concepts was aimed at the business lounge of KLM, Dutch Royal Airways. Sony saw great potential in our concepts and asked us to further explore them and develop applications he could demonstrate in a sales pitch. In order to do this, we needed more information about our target client and user.

Getting to Know Each Other

Considering the timelines and means, we decided to do a target audience study within our own networks. We developed an online survey that we sent to frequent flyers and visitors of the KLM Crown Lounge. In this study we researched the behaviour and wishes of the target user.

To get more into depth, we selected several of our frequent flyers to conduct an interview. This led us to the conclusion that most services are provided on their personal devices, but there is a general wish for more personal attention and tailored services.

Personal Dashboard

The concept I worked on, was a dashboard that could be accessed upon entering the Crown Lounge. Projected on the wall, this interactive dashboard is able to offer personal and anonymous travel information.

As extra service and a personal touch, the traveling information that is known to the airport can be used to set notifications, order a drink and consult the airplane dinner menu. This way a public portal becomes personal for a brief period and allows continuing your session on your personal device in the comfort of the Crown Lounge.


Today Sony actively uses the prototype I developed to pitch the potential of the Xperia Touch not only to airlines, but all sorts of different clients. On request I also pitch and demonstrate the KLM concept at interested venues, such as the innovation days of NS (Dutch Railways).

Currently I am working on a couple of new concepts that bring the interactive portable beamer to industries such as restaurants and healthcare. 

early concept visualisation
selection of screens from the clickable demo