Translating brand identity and intentions from words to image


I was 14 years old when I designed my very first official logo. Paint was the tool, combined with Microsoft WordArt. I have come a long way since then. Nowadays I regularly talk to business owners or representatives to translate their identity and ideas to a logo. After an intake, I start sketching and quickly come to a variety of suitable logo concepts. In the end the client and I agree on a vector based, high quality logo that fits their needs and speaks to their target audience.

Skill Platform Logos

Sogeti Global was looking to develop a new platform for hard tech skill learning. They did not decide on a name yet, only on the contents. Ignation got asked to propose some names and logos to brand this new platform. I researched the platform concept, summarised the main themes and developed a pretty selection of possible names and logos out of which they selected 2 to continue with.

selection of names and logos for the tech skill platform

SoLead Logos

Another assignment for Sogeti Global: the management tribal community was looking for a new visual identity. I designed these 3 logos with the following in mind:

Tribal | Simplicity | Powerful | Fresh

The design with the primitive forms (square, triangle, circle) was picked as favourite by the client.

SoLead logo variations on a tribal theme

Cultural Brands

From my activities as a pianist, I have a great network in the musical and cultural industry of Tilburg and surroundings.

I regularly get asked to design posters, visuals and logos for these cultural associations. An example is the branding I did for Stichting Muziektheater Tilburg, a fresh initiative. SMT debuted with a unique self-written musical about the local legend about the murder of Marietje Kessels: Moordhoek.

Through several iterations I developed the brand for both SMT as Moordhoek. The first needed to communicate culture, fresh and a bit rebellious. Whilst the second needed to be gory and provoking.

For the SMT logo I went with a typography play on the name. In which the letters and red colour should refer to a stage or curtains.

The Moordhoek logo incorporates the central location of the tale: the Noordhoek church of Tilburg. Combining typography with some blood smudges completes this logo.

selection of explorations of the SMT logo
definitive logo for SMT
dark, gory logo for the musical Moordhoek