Applying different visual styles for different occasions


As a freelance designer I regularly work with local organisations to develop graphic work. Musical theatre group On Stage Tilburg has assigned me some interesting challenges, mostly custom artwork to use on posters and websites for promotion of their shows.

I also enjoy experimenting with new tools or styles to further develop my graphic skills.

Into the Woods

To promote the auditions for the musical Into the Woods by On Stage Tilburg, I drew an image in photoshop. It depicts a dark forest, with several layers of depth and the red cape of little red riding hood as a reference to one of the musical characters.

The romantic style was perfect for the initial auditions, but for the shows, the director had taken a more abstract approach to the musical. We sat together and I translated her ideas and vision into a couple of posters. Eventually we combined her favourite elements into the final poster.

The Elements

The musical would be portrayed from the perspective of a little boy. The whole story takes place in his imagination. One of my concept sketches plays with this concept.

The forest (or woods) is the setting for the story. Something representing trees is required.

A beanstalk serves as catalyst for the tale. As a central element, I used a beanstalk in each of my designs.

The objective of the main characters, is to gather magical items: the cow as white as milk, the cape as red as blood, the hair as yellow as corn and the slipper as pure as gold.

Finally in Act II of the musical, a giant comes down the beanstalk and crushes things and people.

In the final design, you find all elements in a less or more abstract way. A forest in the shape of a boy’s head, in the middle of the forest a giant footstep having crushed a cart. And within the forest a beanstalk and the 4 magical objects.

drawing done in Photoshop
merging winning elements into a final design


Next to being pianist for vocal group Inbetween, I also get to design some of their PR materials. Including this poster for an informal concert at a unique location.

Aan de Boemel met Inbetween is a Dutch wordplay on the concert venue in the spoorzone of Tilburg (old train maintenance area): Theater de Boemel. Which references to the previous occupants of the building: train builders.

Answering to the demand of putting lots of text on the poster was a big challenge in this assignment. Eventually I created this poster with vintage, photo-realistic elements of train travel.

poster in Photoshop